Web Design & SEO Consultant

Hi, My name is Wilson Hurtado.
I am a website designer & SEO consultant.
Thank you for visiting my site, I take it you want to work on your online presence?

Allow me to introduce my services: Web Design & SEO Consultancy in Hoboken, Jersey City & Manhattan, New York

Now, this page is part of a project I am currently working on.
I decided to take the most dead google business page with only 1 view per month (the view was probably me) & resuscitate it.

My plan was to rank instantly or as close to it as possible & this writing is me not giving up yet. You see, i am interested in ranking for the following keywords:

#1: Web Designer in Hoboken: I like Hoboken, I also like web design & therefore I want to be the number one search result on Google for this keyword.

#2 Web Designer in Jersey City: Jersey City is a fun city, while it has areas that are not so great, i still stand by the fact that Jersey City is a great city to offer affordable website designing services.

& Let’s not forget:
Web Designer in Manhattan: If there is one lesson I have learned, it is that Google loves content. After all, what good is a design if no one will be there to see it. While quality content is always the best to have. Some content will still be better than no content at all.

Web Designer In New York: It is in the best of my interest to service you with SEO & Web Design services. In 2020, SEO Friendly designs are crucial & most design companies have no clue. Let us help you stay up to date. Our work is done manually and in-house with your satisfaction guaranteed.

SEO Consultant in Hoboken: If you have a business in Hoboken that could use more customers, we can help you or if you simply wish to run paid ad campaigns, optimize your organic reach and fix the overall look of your online presence. We are here to help you achieve it.

SEO Consultant in Jersey City: Jersey City is a beautiful city and there is no reason why any business should be struggling. For more exposure, for more reach, for more clients and bottom line profits. SEO is the answer. If your business is not found, well then how can you make sales?
Let us help you position it properly on the web.

SEO Consultant in Manhattan: Manhattan Traffic is like no other traffic. Anyone wanna argue that? Leave your response in the comments.
Manhatta SEO can help your business to stand out. There is SO MANY BUSINESSES in MANHATTAN. You just can’t say no to SEO. Give me a call today & let’s SEO The Sh*t out of your business.

Your Business > Competition

SEO Consultant in New York: New York is such a wonderful state. Quite Big & so close to New Jersey. My hometown state. If I haven’t made it clear by now, search engine optimization is the process of signaling to Google that you are the best company to show for specific search results. This is done by completing one of the thousands of different tasks such as fixing page titles, meta tags, doing keyword research, building backlinks & creating high-quality content, among many many others.

If you found this page while searching for any of those terms, then congrats! We can help your business do the same with the products and services it offers in the cities & states that it works in.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is not a game, although it is fun to do SEO, it should always be taken very seriously. At least if you care about your company and it’s positioning on the world wide web.

Good website designs will only take you so far, but a site that is optimized for maximum reach, and also looks good will take you places you could only imagine. Get in touch with me today & let’s get to SEO’ing the Heck out of your Business.